Hostgator Coupon Codes 2015

Hostgator Coupon Codes 2015 – Save Money with the Hostgator Webhosting Provider using these provided 2015 Hostgator Coupon and Discount Codes.

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HostGator is one of the world’s leading web hosting providers in the world, located in Houston, Texas the company was founded by Brent Oxley in the year 2002. The firm has since risen to be one of the most popular, reliable, and excellent web hosting service providers in the world. It is a flexible feature rich web hosting service with excellent unlimited services, disk space, and unrestricted bandwidth. The service provider also offers unlimited domains, which gives the website owners an opportunity to host as many websites as possible under their accounts. HostGator has some of the most unique intuitiveness and usability features that make it one of the high ranked website hosting service provider.


HostGator offer three types of hosting packages Baby, business and Hatchling, each of the packages provides unlimited disk space, unrestricted bandwidth, and unlimited domains, moreover the service supports international domains. On the other hand, the business plan gives the website owner an opportunity to include a dedicated IP address, toll free number, and private SSL.


When it comes to features the web hosting provider offers all the general features that most web owners look for , including site builder, shopping carts for the ecommerce sites and one click install for easy addition of platforms and software to improve the web usability and navigation. On the plans, HostGator incorporates a good amount of email features, there is a webmail option, and website owner can create numerous POP3 email accounts. Moreover, additional email features such as auto responders, email aliases, catch-alls, mailing lists, and mail forwarding are availed to clients once they subscribe to a plan with HostGator. HostGator comes with spam assassin, which will filter all the emails for spam, and on all the packages, the spam protector is one of the best. It keeps off all unwanted junk emails from your inbox including screening of mailing lists to prevent entry of spam and Trojans to the email account.

HostGator has advanced features such as error pages and custom cron jobs, in this context custom cron jobs refer to server tasks that can be scheduled to occur automatically this may include email download, file download among others. the services does not have script library but delivers all the relevant information and service required, these services may not be essential to web hosting but are important for advanced users who want to have hands on control on their website. HostGator is a web host service that is easy to use with a user-friendly navigation panel, all features are intuitive, and there is a comprehensive tutorial for newbie’s in the industry. There is the frequently asked question section where users can find answers for commonly asked question; moreover, the inclusion of video tutorial makes the use of the plan easier.

HostGator features cater for both people who are experienced in web hosting and those who ware creating their first website. Moreover, the company promises a 99% uptime with backup guarantee, so the website will be available for nearly all the time and business will be viable with such a good uptime.

Recommended features

HostGator can benefit from an improvement on the intuitiveness of the site and the response time taken by the support personnel to answer questions. The price packaging of the web host provider is exceptional and clients should be encouraged to go for higher packages.


Bluehost Coupon Codes 2015

Bluehost Coupon Codes 2015 – Save Money with the Bluehost Webhosting Provider using these provided 2015 Bluehost Coupon and Discount Codes.

Users of Bluehost have recently rated the webhost as being the “most promising 2015 webhosting provider”. Bluehost already offers great webhosting deals however you can save additional money using these provided Bluehost 2015 Coupons.


Bluehost Coupons

BlueHost is considered to be one of the oldest web hosting companies since it has been functional since 1996. Since that time, so many hosting companies have been opened but none is yet to match up to BlueHost. This is because this company has proven to be among the best. Since its initiation, it has been able to maintain its clients while getting other potential customers each day. The internet is a highly contested world and it takes the best to survive it. If you want to choose a web hosting company then you should only go for the best. As the competition gets stronger every day, getting a dependable web hosting firm might be hard since each one of them tries to outdo the other by providing the best services. However, here are the reasons why BlueHost beats them all.


The best service offered by any company is functionality. There are so many tutorials provided by BlueHost that help you navigate around. You can read or watch to get to understand the site better. The control panel contains all the information you need to perform your tasks and also understand all the terms. With BlueHost, you will never be confused. As a web administrator, you have the freedom to install a number of software applications for all your tasks like blogs, content, online designing or galleries.

Customer service

Do you know that for any service you purchase you need to get good customer service? There are so many web hosting companies that charge their customers for customer service, but do not even provide a line for feedback. With BlueHost, your opinion always matters. As a web administrator, you have the freedom to give feedback and even send complaints. Their customer service agents are available throughout the day to ensure that all their customers’ needs are met. Did you know that you can actually use instant chat in BlueHost to talk to customer care agents and get immediate feedback on any issue you might have?

Increased traffic for your website

The purpose of creating a website is publicity. Publicity and web traffic comes when your website has up to date information. BlueHost supports all current multimedia tools that are useful to increase traffic on your site. If you have an online business and you need to upload videos or use flash animations then BlueHost is the best option for you. You will have unlimited space for maximum creativity and your site will be introduced to search engine sites. This will still help you get more visitors.

BlueHost coupons and discounts

You can get all the amazing features of BlueHost at a very affordable price if you have BlueHost coupons. All hosting plans including shared web hosting have discount coupons. You can get the coupons online and you simply need to click on them for you to get directed to the discounted plan. Unlike other web hosting companies, BlueHost coupons do not need activation. They are available for you to use at any time. For all your web hosting needs, just contact BlueHost and you will get all the services you need. You will also get all amazing features at affordable prices.

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